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Logo and corporate design

Would you like to design your logo and the graphic appearance of your company yourself? But you don't know exactly how it works with the computer? No problem. With guidance in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, I will give you a crash course on Windows or Mac. And this is how it starts: Simply register for a meeting, either online or 1-on-1 in Lucerne, Schwarzenbach or at your home


You are an artist and you want to introduce your artwork to a wide audience. Be it in a gallery or present virtually to a global target group . Tips and tricks from eminens really get your business rolling.

Internet presence

Would you like to develop your website and webshop yourself? But you don't know exactly how this works best and which system is best suited? No problem. After a crash course you will be ready to present your own company in a professional way on jimdo, wix or shopify. Simply register for a meeting, either online or 1-to-1 in Lucerne, Schwarzenbach or at home .


Musicians, singers and concert promoters

You have an artistic career ahead of you and you want to perform in front of a larger audience. Finally get famous and present your music to a wide audience. You are looking for a studio where you can record your music professionally. Or you are a concert organizer and want to offer new and existing music creators a platform. Get in touch today and expand your network.

Music Writer

Print brochures and flyers online

It can cost a lot of money to produce all of these business cards, paper, brochures and flyers. I'll show you a way how you can do this inexpensively but nonetheless in an environmentally friendly way.

Bunte Visitenkarten

Galleries & art exhibitions

Do you have a cool warehouse to rent or would you like to make your shop, hotel or restaurant available for fresh works of art? We are constantly looking to offer new platforms to young and established artists.

Bloggers and Influencers

Are you a blogger and influencer on Instagram, YouTube and in good shape on social media? I'm looking forward to getting to know you. If you are an entrepreneur yourself and are interested in product placement, I offer you a network of local and global personalities who will present your products to a broad target group.

Lokales Café

Fashion label, models and catwalk

You have a fashion label and create your own collection. Develop merchandising products, perfumes, sales stands, displays or a professional photoshoot with models for the website. Whether you need a portfolio for a model contract or whether you are looking for a new talent.

Mädchen mit einem Net
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